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Office Hours:  We are open Monday - Thursday, 6:15 AM - 4:45 PM.

PWNA has revised the Request/Report forms.  Only the NEW forms will be accepted.

We are no longer accepting requests for 2020.  Please continue to turn in your report/renewals by the date stated in your delivery packet.  All report/renewals or requests that come in after 11/13/20 will be accepted, but placed on hold until January of 2021.  Thank you.

Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA)       

Strong, self-sufficient Native American Communities.

Our Mission
"Serving immediate needs. Supporting long-term solutions."

PWNA has a Train the Trainer (T3) Video Series that educates our Partners on nutrition and self-care.  T3 is a series of training that we typically do in person, but with the COVID-19 virus keeping most of us at home, we developed some online videos instead.  If you have any questions, please call Shane Burnette at 877-281-0808. - this is on making a veggie broth - this is on self-care - this is on making healthy candy - this is on wild onions

The PWNA Plains office is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to more than 500 different programs on nearly 25 reservations in 6 states. Working together with our dedicated Program Partners like you, we are helping people across the Northern Plains.

Be sure to get your requests in two weeks prior to your ship week.

Thank you!

Reservations Served

(Note: the number on the reservation indicates what service area it is in.)

Partnership With Native Americans Plains Office
2401 Eglin Street
Rapid City, SD 57703

Toll Free: 1-866-556-2472
Phone:     1-605-399-9905
Fax:          1-605-399-9908

(Formerly National Relief Charities)