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Office Hours:  We are open Monday - Thursday, 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA)       

Strong, self-sufficient Native American Communities.

Our Mission
"Serving immediate needs. Supporting long-term solutions."


The request window for Thanksgiving requests is now open.

The request window opens for Holiday (Christmas) requests on August 1st.


Reports are due for all shipments received!



Thanksgiving Guidelines

·         Community Meals

o   PWNA provides turkey, potatoes, and cranberries for a community wide meal.

o   Program partner coordinates and plans the rest of the meal.

·         Selection Criteria

  • Completed requests that are received by the deadline will go through a selection process.  Turning in a request is NOT a guarantee of acceptance.
  • Approved requests must include solid distribution plan.
  • The deadline for requests is the Third Friday in September.
  • Community Meals must be held on Reservations.
  • Food for community meals that are received by the deadline will go through a selection process.  Turning in a request is NOT a guarantee of acceptance.
  • Reporting is the Thanksgiving report form and sign out sheets.


Holiday Guidelines

·         PWNA provides program partners in our service area gifts for the following groups:

o   Santa Stop Bags (0-4yrs)

o   Children's Stockings (5-12yrs)

o   Elder Bag (62 yrs & older)

o   Community Meal

·         Selection Criteria:

  • We will review all request that are received by the deadline and notify each Program Partner of their acceptance or denial shortly after the deadline date.
  • No requests received after the deadline will be considered.
  • Program partners who did not report on Holiday (Christmas) the year before are not eligible.
  • The deadline for requests is the Third Friday in October.
  • Reporting is the 1-page Holiday (Christmas) report form and sign out sheets.

30-Day Services:



This service is designed to support organizations committed to animal welfare and rescue with the supplies they need to encourage participation in their rescue, foster and adoption activities.  If your Organization is supporting the rescue of domestic animals through foster homes or adoption then your program may be eligible for support under Animal Welfare.


  • ·         offer services that support the domestic animals on the Native American reservations
  • ·         keep accurate pet adoption and foster services records
  • ·         must serve the domestic animals on the reservation and be a part of an organization committed to animals
  • ·         must have at least 12 months experience in working with reservation animals
  • ·         there must be a rescue or animal welfare component to the services you offer


Community Events Guidelines

·         PWNA provides program partners incentives to encourage participation in positive community events.

·         Examples:

o   Community clean-ups

o   Awareness walks

o   Health fairs

o   Youth events

·         Selection Criteria:

  • Must serve a large group (community/client base)
  • Event is a one time event
  • Volunteers are needed
  • Event has defined purpose that is in line with PWNA's mission, vision, and the PWNA Way.
  • Partner has a well developed project plan
  • Non Revenue ($) Generating Activity
  • Positive Activity for Community
  • Not just a meal, but must have some other activity
  • Open to the public
  • Reporting is the 1 page Community Events report form and sign out sheets


Food Guidelines: Standard & Pantry

·         There are 3 services offered for the food program

o   Standard food to elderly nutrition centers (90-Day Service)

o   Food pantry items to food pantries

o   Emergency food (January, February, October)

§  For elderly nutrition centers only

·         Selection Criteria:

  • A food program that feeds Native American families and/or elders
  • Meals are served on a regular and scheduled basis
  • Meal programs do not discriminate regarding who can be served
  • Programs can provide documentation on number served at time of request
  • Emergency food goes to only Elderly Nutrition Centers who receive standard food packages
  • Emergency Food Boxes to ENC's only during Oct, Jan, Feb.
  • Food to food banks and pantries as available
  • Submit your food reports on-time.  Food pantry reports require sign out sheets as well


Healthy Living Guidelines

·         PWNA provides program partners incentives to encourage participation.

·         Events that qualify for Healthy Living are:

o   Classes

o   Home visits

o   One-on-one education

·         Selection Criteria:

  • Partner making the request is a part of an organization
  • There is an educational component that focuses on self improvement, life skills or personal growth
  • Involves classes, home visits or appointments related to helping people
  • Must identify a target group of participants appropriate for the class
  • Class must be offered on regular and reoccurring basis
  • Reporting is 1 page report form and sign out sheets


·         Program Partners establish a library-type system. 

·         PWNA sends books and incentive items to encourage children and adults to read.

·         Selection Criteria:

  • Program partner capable of managing the reporting
  • Partner with current reports
  • Create a library type setting for books
  • Partner with adequate storage space for books and incentives
  • Partner must be part of an established group with meeting place
  • Program must be open at least 2 hours a day, 3 days a week during after school hours
  • Reporting is 1 page report form ONLY


·         PWNA responds to natural disasters & environmental emergencies with basic relief supplies.


Residential Guidelines

·         PWNA works with residential facilities to provide institutional and personal products.

·          Examples:

o   Shelters

o   Jails

o   Group Homes

o   Nursing Homes

·         Selection Criteria:

  • Any residential facility that has beds for clients in our the service area
  • Residential facilities: shelters, detention centers adult and youth, dorms, halfway houses, assisted living centers, treatment centers, group homes.
  • Reporting is 1 page report form ONLY.

Partnership With Native Americans Plains Office
2401 Eglin Street
Rapid City, SD 57703

Toll Free: 1-866-556-2472
Phone:     1-605-399-9905
Fax:          1-605-399-9908

(Formerly National Relief Charities)