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Office Hours:  We are open Monday - Thursday, 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA)       

Strong, self-sufficient Native American Communities.

Our Mission
"Serving immediate needs. Supporting long-term solutions."


The request window for Thanksgiving requests is now open.

The request window opens for Holiday (Christmas) requests on August 1st.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where is Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) located?
    The Plains States Offices & Distribution Center is located in Rapid City, South Dakota.
  • 2401 Eglin Street, Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Large tan warehouse down the street from Menards on the east end of Rapid City. 
  • Can my program receive deliveries monthly?
    Yes we want to work with your programs monthly.  We visit all of our service areas except Area 4 monthly.  So please submit requests and reports monthly. 

  • What are the deadlines for submitting holiday requests?
    • Third Friday in September for Thanksgiving
    • Third Friday in October for Christmas
  • Who is eligible to work with PWNA and receive resources to help people?
    Any program that provides services to clients or residents of reservations who have offices within the boundaries of the reservations we serve.

  • Who do I call if I am interested in working with PWNA?
    Your Program Development Coordinator on the toll free number 866-556-2472. They will answer your questions about our services and determine if you are eligible to work with us.

  • May program partners come visit the distribution center in Rapid City?
    Yes, you are always welcome to come see our operations in Rapid City. Just call a few days ahead of time so we know you are coming.

  • What products are available from PWNA to help people?
    At any given time
    PWNA has over 300 different line items in our distribution center. The products range from personal care to household products with many different things in between. Come visit our facility and see what we have to offer. The inventory is always changing so we do not provide an inventory list to program partners. Also not all products fit with all programs. When you submit a request your program development coordinator will call you to discuss what products are available at that time to your program.

  • What are the phone numbers to PWNA?
    Toll Free: 866-556-2472 Phone: 605-399-9905 Fax: 605-399-9908

  • If the fax number is busy may a program partner email requests to PWNA?
    Yes, attach the completed PWNA request form to an email and send it to:

Partnership With Native Americans Plains Office
2401 Eglin Street
Rapid City, SD 57703

Toll Free: 1-866-556-2472
Phone:     1-605-399-9905
Fax:          1-605-399-9908

(Formerly National Relief Charities)